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How blood, plasma and water droplets looks :things you should know.

These are amazing things you should know.

1.This is blood,plasma and water droplets.

2.Washington University School of Medicine scientists in St. Louis have discovered that bee venom can kill HIV virus without harming the body.

3.This speed was achieved on specific connection between SC13 and NASA Goddard facility during an experiment.

3.The Corpus Museum in Netherlands,World's first Human Biology Museum where the internal anatomy of the human body is shown as room,its tagline says "A journey through the human body".

4.A solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun,usually observed near its surface.

5.San Marino has more cars in its country than people.

6.Facebook added a new comment animation feature,just type GG or GGG and see the result.

7.This is one of the smallest nation -Sealand

8.The interesting number paradox.


10.There is a place called "Center of the universe".It is a circle with broken concrete,if you talk while standing inside the circle then you will hear your voice echoing back at you and outside the circle,no one will be able to hear it,the reason behind it is still unknown.

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Corpus Museum Human Biology Netherlands St. Louis


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