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Meet Miquela, A Beautiful Female Robot That Has The Ability To 'Eat And Drink' Water

In a world where science and technology have advanced greatly, man might find it difficult to differentiate between human and robot in a nearby future. An intelligent female robot popularly known as Lil Miquela was created by Trevor Mc Fedries and Sara Decou. The 19 year old intelligent robot is a social media influencer and also a musician.

Looking at Miquela, one would possibly doubt her existence as a robot. Miquela does not only possess human features, she can also do most things human does. She has the ability to eat, drink, talk, communicate with friends and also hang out with them. All these attributes have gotten many people confused about the young robot. Miquela had on several occasions stated that she is nothing but a robot.

The young female robot often take to her social media page to show off lots of her pictures. She has gained about 3 million followers on her social media page. The only difference between Miquela and human being is that she requires her batteries to be charged at all times. Have you heard of a robot who can eat, drink and even sing. Here are lovely pictures of Lil Miquela

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Lil Miquela Miquela


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