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4 Foods That Gradually And Progressively Weaken Your Bones

The importance of bones in the human cannot be over-emphasised as it is one of the most important structures in the human body which allows for the support of the body structurally, protection of the vital organs, and mobility. Due to these vital roles played by the bones within the human body, much attention is often paid to bones health and any damage done to it could be a life-long challenge, capable of not just causing physical pains, but emotional ones as well.

Photo Illustration Of Bones Anatomy

According to scientists, the adult human skeleton is made up of 206 bones, with any defect in any of the 206 bones capable of having ripple effects on other parts of the body, with mobility always being the first to suffer greatly. Although we have all heard of how eating certain foods can help to strengthen our bones, some foods can have the opposite effects on the body as they can leach nutrients from the bones, reducing their strength and ability to regrow.

Photo Illustration Of A Weakened Bone

In this article, we would be looking at 5 foods you may have to avoid altogether or start consuming in moderate amounts due to their ability to weaken your bones over time. The foods are briefly discussed below:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol can act like a calcium-blocker, capable of preventing the absorption of some of the bone-friendly or bone-building minerals you eat. Excessive alcohol intake makes this even worse as it disrupts the bone-building process of the osteoblasts, which invariably causes not only weakened bones, but also difficulty in healing when you have a fracture.

2. Soft Drinks

You may feel thirsty on a sunny afternoon and the first thing that comes to your mind is soft drinks, but you would be doing your bones great harm by excessively indulging in soft drinks. This is because of the presence of phosphoric acid, which can significantly increase the rate at which you excrete calcium (a vital nutrient for bone health) via urine.

3 Hydrogenated Oils

You should consider limiting or avoiding hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oil or foods prepared with hydrogenated oils because, in the process of manufacturing them, vitamin K, a naturally occurring nutrient is often destroyed. This is bad news for your bones because vitamin K is essential for strong bones.

4 Salty Foods

The consumption of foods such as sausage, pizza, burgers, canned soup and frozen meals should also be limited to the barest minimum due to their high salt content. In addition to that, continued intake of salt can weaken bones by sapping calcium from the bone matrix.

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