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How Mars Rover Take A Selfie While Exploring The Red Planet

Just like visiting the moon, scientists have been nurturing the desire to make it to the red planet, Mars.

It will take a deep space traveling of several months to make it to Mars, except a new technology is invented.

 The planet remains uninhabitable for humans due to wide differences in the temperature between the day and the night. The composition of the air present on Mars is made up of Carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which is unsuitable for breathing by man. 

Even though there are indications that water could be present on the planet, the exact location hasn't been determined.

With scientists developing technologies that will make it possible for Mars to be a liveable planet for men, machines have been sent to the planet to do a thorough exploring of the planet.

A Mars rover has a design of a motor vehicle equipped with necessary gadgets to investigate the different parts of Mars. It has a robotic technology that makes it possible for engineers to control its movement right from planet earth while the machine is examining the red planet.

There are six Mars rovers present on the planet, five of them belong to the United States of America while one was sent to Mars by China.

One of the major functions performed by a rover is the capturing of images of things present on Mars, this has helped scientists to gain better knowledge about the structural layout and chemical composition of the planet.

Just like humans, the Mars rover can take a Selfie, a self-portrait photograph taken with the aid of a digital camera.

While humans stretch their hands to capture their image, a Mars rover has a Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) attached to its robotic arm to take its selfie.

The ability of the robotic arm to move in different directions makes it possible for the image of the machine to be captured from different angles. The selfie of the Mars rover is made up of several images captured from different angles which are stitched together to create a unique selfie of the motor vehicle exploring Mars.

If a man is to land on planet Mars one day, the rovers would have played a very important role.

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