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Why Jeff Bezos Is The Right Man To Lead The Blue Origin To Greater Height In Space Exploration

The space race is turning out to be competitive with wealthy entrepreneurs turning their attention towards becoming the giant to dominate the world of space in years to come.

Space exploration used to be sponsored by governments, it is a very expensive exercise and there is a need for more study to be carried out by innovators to make the project a success.

The private space companies have been working on developing the right technology that will make launching into space safely possible. At the beginning of the space project, not much success was recorded but the recent impressive results from the several launches into the orbit carried out showed that years of dedication, persistency, and commitment have not been wasted.

Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Galactic has successfully embarked on the voyage to space with few minutes of weightlessness experienced, Jeff Bezos in the company of others will be traveling to space with the New Shepherd rocket made by his company.

Elon Musk remains determined to build a rocket that will make it safe to Mars.

The present analysis of the space industry in the United States of America shows that SpaceX seems to be hitting a height higher than other space companies, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sign a deal worth $2.9 billion with SpaceX to use Starship to take astronauts from lunar orbit to the surface of the moon ahead of the Blue Origin company.

While SpaceX is focused on building a human colony on Mars, Blue Origin is targeting the moon. Jeff Bezos turning his attention to Blue Origin means the space company will be having one of the best CEO's in the world to take the company to a greater height.

These are the reasons why Jeff Bezos could be the best man to take Blue Origin to the next level in space exploration.

1. You don't build an e-commerce giant like Amazon from scratch to one of the best companies in the world if you don't have the necessary skills to make it to the top. Jeff Bezos has been an innovator who is always looking for a way to make a system better.

The Blue Origin company is likely to become more efficient under the leadership of Jeff Bezos.

2. Jeff Bezos was the CEO of Amazon for 27 years, his wealth of expertise likely to be very key in building a formidable set up in the space industry, he is known to be a very good thinker that puts the satisfaction of customers ahead of making a profit, Jeff believes that if the demand of the customers is met, profit will be made in the long run.

3. The Blue Origin came into existence as a result of the childhood dreams Jeff Bezos had about exploring space. With him being focused on making the space company better, his Childhood dream is likely to make him go the extra mile to ensure his company becomes one of the giants in the space industry.

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