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5 Everyday Foods That Are Good For The Brain And Memory

Taking care of our brain doesn't require too much money. The foods the brain needs are not far away from us. The only thing we need is to be conscious of our health and show mindfulness in the way we choose our diet.

Below are everyday foods that may benefit our brain.

1. Green vegetables.

Green vegetables are very good for the brain. They contain vitamin C, carotenoids and antioxidants. These things are good for brain efficiency.

2. Oily Fishes.

The major component of the brain is omega 3 fatty acids. Oily fishes are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. So taking more of these oily fishes will help to keep our brain healthy.

3. Olive oil.

Olive oil is one of the best oil we can think of.

This is because it is made up of mainly unsaturated fats. It's major component oleic acid is very good for the brain.

4. Tumeric.

Research have shown that the spice that gives curry it's colour, tumeric is very helpful to the brain. According to studies the active ingredient in tumeric cucumin is capable of penetrating the brain and Preventing inflammations. It also helps to improve alertness.

5. Caffeine.

A little caffeine helps to improve alertness and also boosts our concentration. A cup of coffee or two will do our brain a lot of good by improving our alertness and improve concentration. But taking more than two cups may have adverse effect on us.

Apart from coffee, other sources of caffeine include green tea, black tea,cola not, bitter cola, etc.

6 Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is made up of up to 70 percent cocoa. It is different from the normal milk chocolate. It contains compounds such as flavonoids and caffeine. This substances can protect the brain from inflammation and help to improve alertness.

7. Berries.

Berries are super foods that contain important antioxidants called anthocyanin which is a flavonoid that helps to prevent inflammation in the brain. It is important to include this super food in your diet because it is good for your heart, brain and entire body.

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