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Five mysteries of the world you need to know about

There are lots of mysteries that exist in our world. These mysteries have been active for uncountable years. Science has been trying to unravel them, but it is proving difficult.

The formation of the Universe

Science tries to use the “Big Bang Theory” to explain the formation of the Universe. This theory believes that the Universe was once a tiny point until it expanded into what we have today.

There are problems with the “Big Bang Theory”. This theory fails to explain who put the tiny point where it began to grow.

The location of Heaven

Science has been able to discover other amazing planets, but it has not yet discovered the location of Heaven.

Why do we move forward in time?

Time travel is the core of this problem. Lots of experiments have been carried out by scientist on how to travel in time. But the results have been frustrating. Scientists think that travelling into the future might be possible. They also believe in travelling into the past, but it is contradictory. This is because we move forward in time and not backwards.

Why does space have three dimensions?

A two-dimensional world would only allow us to move back and forth. But when we make it three-dimensional, then we can be able to move upwards also.

Does the Universe have an end?

If the Universe has a beginning, then it should have an end. The problem here is that Science cannot clearly explain how the Universe started.

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