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8 Foods That Can Help Improve Your Eyesight

The eye is a very important part of your body. It is literally involved in any physical activity you engage in. Without the eyes you might find it difficult if not impossible to do little tasks such as walking, fetching water to drink, or feeding yourself.

That's how important the eyes is, and all these highlights the dire need for you to take care of your eyes by avoiding habits or things that can damage it, and by consuming good foods that can help improve it's function. Below are eight foods that can help improve your eyesight or vision.

1. Fish. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which helps to prevent dry eyes or drying of the aqueous or vicious humors of your eyes, prevent cataracts and degeneration of the cells of the eyes. Fresh fish are more ideal because fish gotten from ponds might not be hygienic.

2. Eggs. Eggs contain a good number of vitamins including vitamin A and lutien which helps to improve the functioning of your eyes, and helps to prevent dry eyes which is one of the major problems that can affect your eyesight. To simply put, vitamin A is food for the eyes.

3. Leafy vegetables. Just like eggs, vegetables contains a good amount of vitamin A which as we've mentioned is good for the health and improved functioning of your eyes. Vitamin A also helps prevent night blindness.

4. Legumes and beans. These two foods contain zinc which helps to protect the retina of your eyes. The retina is one of the most vital part of your vision. It is involved in the interpretation process of vision. The zinc in these goods also helps to prevent cataract( which is build up of pressure within the eyes) and helps prevent degeneration of your eyes.

5. Beef. Although you need to consume this in little quantity, it contains zinc as well which helps to absorb vitamins which are necessary for good eyesight.

6. Oat. Contains vitamin E, niacin and zinc which helps in improving your eyesight by promoting the health of your eyes, and helping to prevent inflammation, cataract, and degeneration of the cells of your eyes.

7. Rice. Contains zinc and vitamin E which as i have mentioned already are important for health and improved functioning of your eyes.

8. Nuts such as cashew nut. Contains omega-3 fatty acids which helps to prevent drying of the eyes and formation of cataract thus helping to improve your eyesight.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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