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Cool Science Facts You Probably Never Knew.

Science is the process of doing things for the good of mankind. Scientists are the very people involved in such interesting discoveries. Everyday, new discoveries are turned up in order to make life on Earth conducive for living. They make life easier for animals and plants thereby ensuring longetivity of the species that utilitise the ecosystem.

Therefore, spark up a neuron by reading these interesting science facts to educate you and boost your intelligence. You have probably never come across them before:

1) You can't even land on Neptune because it is made entirely of gas.

2) Humans haven't been to Mars yet. There is still a lot we don't know about space generally


The international space station is a very nice space to stay when on space missions

4) We could still see the Halley's comet in about 50 years from now


This is not actually true, because light is always shining on the Earth from the sun

6) we however do not have the technology yet.

7) Singapore crime rate is one of the lowest in the world.

8) Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets

9) You won't just fly through space but the speed will be triggered by gravity


The light from Las Vegas is also this bright.

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