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Drinking any amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain - New study finds

According to new research, we do not have anything called "Safe drinking". I am sure that in your neighbourhood, you must have heard someone said " I drink responsibly". There is nothing like drinking responsibly or drinking safe because even if you drank very little alcohol, It is one of the factors that contributes to brain damages. 

The researchers have made a new discovery at University of Oxford, They collected the scan of at least 25,000 people who are known very well for drinking alcohol. The researchers discovered that alcohol intake actually damage their brain's grey matter. This part of the brain is the region where information is being processed.

It is no longer news that the volume of the brain reduces as one gets older. Also, smaller brain volume also predicts low performance in terms of retention of memory. I am sure you must have meet an old person and you could notice they easily forget things. It is not their fault, it is as a result of the volume of the brain getting smaller as they grow older.

The researchers also said that drinking alcohol contributes to the damage of the brain at 0.8%. They said it is better not to drink alcohol at all than to drink a little. There is nothing like drinking responsibly. If you try to take a little alcohol, you are damaging your brain little by little. Kindly drop your comments in the box below and don't forget to share with loved ones. Thank you!!!

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