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Why It Is Not Advised To Eat More Than 2 Fishes In A Week

Fishes are among the healthiest as well as the commonest sources of protein. Blessed with multiple nutrients, they are also rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, good cholesterols that protect the heart, eyes as well as the brain. Healthy joints are also supported by this good cholesterol.

Source: The Healthy Fish

Notwithstanding, when they are consumed excessively, the culprit could face some undesirable medical conditions. 

Fishes dwell in aquatic habitats, the same place where industrial sewages are mostly disposed. Among the wastes in these sewages would contain some heavy metals, Mercury is usually among the most abundant.

Fishes get in contact with these substances from time to time and get infected by them though in negligible quantities. In fishes that are carnivorous, it is often worse because the more smaller fishes they consume, the more these substances would accumulate inside of them as they are usually not excreted in fishes. This is why carnivorous are not advisable.

For the ones we consume such as mackerel, tilapia, salmon et cetera. These ones would contain Mercury but not in massive concentrations. Frequent consumption of them could possibly elevate their concentrations in our body and this would lead to Mercury intoxication.

Some harmful effects of Mercury intoxication would include-

1. When it occurs in a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, it could result to poor development of child's memory as well as poor cognitive functions and responses. 

2. It can also result to a damage to the kidneys leading to kidney diseases or kidney failure. 

3. In males, it also can possibly lead to poor production of sperm which can result in low sperm count.

For these reasons, 'Healthline' has recommended that inorder to stay free from the possibility of Mercury intoxication taking place, whole fishes should not be consumed more than twice in a week. Especially when the fish is wildly caught. 

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