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The Vital Role Technology Has Played In Man's Evolution Over The Years

Man is a very inquisitive being by nature,and at that,he carries out researches and conduct numerous experiments. Augmentation is a process of increase or adding extra features to a particular object or subject.

In recent times, man has constantly toiled with technology to enhance life as they know it. This curiosity this curiosity is progressive,and has this,entered another dimension.

Human Augmentation or enhancement which basically means taking the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, to not only enhance our daily lives, strength and abilities, but also to take human intelligence and knowledge to the next level.

Currently, the studies have been aiming at helping people with disabilities, with bionics and prosthetic augmentation and curing ilness by experimenting with genes.

But the major objective is to put a stop to the widespread darkness of physical disabilities or prevent injuries from happening at all.Given this,the world's population is over 8.8billion,and about 50 million are partially disabilitated.

This upcoming technology aims at building a future where everyone member of the society can feature and fit into,whether lame,blind,deaf,dumb,paralyzed etc.

It can also provide opportunities for other creative functions. For example, companies like Neuralink aim to build an incredibly powerful brain-machine interface, with the power to process magnanimous amounts of data. All thanks to technology, we can communicate to ourselves even aas I deliver this article to you.

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