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University in Australia Develops World's First Bionic Eye To Fully Restore Vision in Blind people

Scientists have been conducting research around the world for over a decade now, to find solution for people who are suffering from blindness.

Several bionic solutions discovered have not been able to assist blind people effectively ( that is, in performing activities).

Well Monash University in Australia just discovered a solution.

A team in the university reported that they have constructed a system through which the blind people will be able to see.

This is the first Bionic eye in the World that can help blind people in various ways.

The Bionic eye functions by bypassing damaged optic nerves to allow signals to be transmitted from the retina to the vision centre of the brain.

In order to use the device, the user will have to wear a custom designed head gear which carries the camera and a wireless transmitter.

A set of nine (9) mm tiles are implanted in the brain of the blind patient which will receive signals from the transmitter.

A professor from the university's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering "Arthur Lowery" said " Our design creates a visual pattern from comb of about one hundred and seventy two (172) light spots which will provide information for the person to navigate indoor and outdoor and also recognise people and objects around them.

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