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Scientists discover possible way of doubling human life

Russian were the first to initiate magnetism research . They use the north and south pole simultaneously .Dr Komarov succeeded in almost doubling the life of the common housefly by feeding it with magnetised sugar . Encouraged with such a result Dr Komarov and his Co workers established the National committee on prolongation of human life.This committee performs experiment with Human volunteers .The metabolic and bio chemical changes occurring in the body , following an exposure to the magnetic field are being assessed .The committee is hopeful that magnetic treatment will enable scientists to prolong human life to 400 .

After numerous experiment ,Dr Harold Alexander of America has concluded that exposure of rats to a magnetic field increases their life span by 45% an experiment female mouse gave birth to three mice at age of four years normally mouse don't reproduce after age 3 .The discovery holds great prospect for human beings it is being developed so it can treat radioactive burns on human beings during nuclear wars magnets may prevent total destruction of the human world thanks for reading please follow me I promise to bring more interesting technology news thank you so much

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