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Few Things We Need To Know About The Cell.

What is a cell: 

A cell can be define as the structural and functional unit of life.

We have three things to know about the cell these are:

1. History of the cell

2. The cell theory

3. Classification of living organisms.

1. History of the cell:

The history of a cell are made by many scientist, these are:

a. Robert Hooke: He discovered honey comb structure of a cell in 1665. He is seen as the father of the cell.

b. Felix Dujardian: A french biologist in 1835 discovered that the cell are made up of living structure.

c. Mathias Schleiden: A German botanist In 1838 revealed that the bodies of plants are made of cell which were describe as unit of life.

d. Theodor Schleiden: Another German zoologist in 1839 also discovered that the bodies of animals are composed of cell.

e. Rudoifllon Virchow: A German biologist in 1855 concluded in his research that all cell from previously existing cell.

2. The Cell Theory:

a. The cell is structural and Functional unit of life.

b. All organisms are made of cell.

c. All cell come for previously existing cell.

d. There is no life apart from the life of cell.

3. Classification of living organisms:

a. Unicellular or Acellular organisms:

These organisms consist of only one cell, for examples Amoeba, chlamy domonal and paramecium.

b. Multicellular organisms:

These are organisms consist two or more cells, for example volvox, Hydra and spirogyra.

These are what I have on what we should know about the cell.

Thank you.

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