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Weekend puzzle for only genius.

It is good sometimes to rack our brain or to perform some task that seems difficult. At least it tells how intelligent we are. I will like you to look at the picture below properly before you give your answer. If you get it correctly at first glance, you are an exceptional person. But if you don't follow a guide line after the picture.

1. Find out the last number in the picture below

a. Look at the first digit number

b. Think about how the second number was formed using the first number.

c. You really need to think before you start.

d. You need don't need any calculator to solve this.

2. From the puzzle below write down the first words you see.

So many words of prayers are hiding in the puzzle below. Write down the first one you see and make it a prayer points for yourself. It might look like a joke o but it's not.

It's going to be fun all the way Shalom.

Please encourage me by following my article. God bless

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