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Causes Of Brain Freeze

According to Healthline, scientists asserted that the specific things that trigger brain freeze are not fully clear.

 Nevertheless, the study tried to find out the cause of cold freeze by measuring the blood circulation and activity in the brain while participants take ice water.

The researchers’ theory was that when the brain is cooled rapidly because of consuming extremely cold food or liquids, it alters the blood flow in the brain. The cold is passed from the roof of your mouth to the nerves of the brain, and this trigger some kind of reaction in the brain.

At the end of the research, they found that ingesting the ice water increased the blood flow in the front brain arteries, but not the middle blood vessels. The ice water also induces increased resistance in the brain.

With these findings, the researchers summed up that the pain of a brain freeze is caused by the increased blood flow and resistance in the brain blood vessels. Hence, if you are experiencing a brain freeze, you may be feeling your brain’s blood vessels reacting to the cold.

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