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What water is all about

Water is a colorless and odorless substance. Pound on earth. it is made up of million of molecules.

Water was discovered by a chemist Henry Cavendish (1731-1810)he discovered the composition of water. Its experiment was perfect. Hydrogen & Oxygen was found in water. Water is only element that exist with solid,liquid,and gaseous state.

Water form:from liquid to solid -solidification

Water form:from gas to solid -deposition

Water form :from solid to gas -sublimation

Water form:from gas to liquid -condensation

water form:liquid to gaseous -evapouration

When liquid change to gas it reaching the boiling point,the molecule is the system,have enough energy to become a gas. when the gas change to liquid it need to lose some energy,from the existed gas atoms,when it reach the temperature of the condensation point it will become a liquid.

The chemical name of water is oxidane

Type of water

1:Distilled water

2:Tap water

3:well water:

4:carbonated water:

Properties of water

1:Hydrogen bonding

2:Thermal conductivity

3:High heat capacity


5:Surface tension



8:Heat of fusion

9:Heat of vaporization

Earth is not missing water at a meaningful rate because earth has a cold trap in the stratosphere that freeze outmost water and keep it close to the earth surface

Conclusion:water is used in all terrestrial animal to drink in order to provide essential miners for the body 's nourishment. water is life giving,without water there would be no life on earth.

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