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Ways To exercise the brain

The human brain needs to be exercised to improve its functionality. Just as physical exercise is good for the body, mental exercise helps us focus on daily tasks, improves the memory and helps the brain stay healthy.

There are various ways to exercise the brain to help stimulate and improve the mind. Some of them are:

1. Make use of your non dominant hand.

Using the opposite hand strengthens the neural connections in the brain. Try performing activities like typing on your phone or computer or handling television remote with your other hand, that way you can engage various areas of the brain while doing the same work. It aids proper balance of both sides of the brain.

2. Multitask:

Use two or more senses at the same time, try listening to music while sniffing a fresh scent, these contracting activities help regenerate more grey cells in the brain.

3. Change your route home. Walking or driving along the same route every day makes the brain work on auto pilot. Taking a different route home keeps the brain stimulated. The hippocampus is the center for emotion and memory in the brain, switching your route home can aid mental sharpness and build up the hippocampus. Remember to use a GPS to enable you find your way back home if you can't navigate easily on your own.

4. Hocus focus. Hocus focus means an intense state of concentration. This is to improve the memory. For at least 5 minutes a day sit still in a place and only focus on your breathing. It helps the brain slow down and refresh perfectly. Focus on one thing in your conscious mind , this will boost your focus and attention span.

5. Listen to anything that sounds foreign. Try listening to a song in a new language or try learning words in a different language. This stimulates the growth of new neurons in the brain. 

6. Try tongue twisting. Tongue twisting acts as a great stimulator to the brain cells. 

7. Okay puzzles and games

These efforts boost the brain and aids alacrity and improved functionality.

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