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How we can create artificial gravity in space

 Earth Gravitational force is a force that tends to pull us back to the centre of the earth,it's the force that prevents us from falling off,Gravity in general occur between two masses the larger the mass the more the Gravity.

But this have raised some questions if we can actually replicate this gravity when in deep space or interstellar (Journey to another solar system) travel

We've all seen artificial gravity in many sci-fi films (Interstellar, Ellysium) or read and dreamed about it in novels. But is it actually possible? In space, prolonged exposure to low gravity causes real health problems for astronauts. This can range from muscle atrophy, reduced bone density, impaired immune responses, impaired mental health and insomnia to name but a few 

Artificial gravity can be created in deep space using a centripetal force. A centripetal force directed towards the center of the turn is required for any object to move in a circular path.

I will try to sound as simple as possible,here is an experiment you can all try out,place a small object in the middle of a bowl or bucket, spin it very fast about it's axis,the object tends to stick to the surface of the bowl and if the spinning goes any further the object can actually fly off,the force keeping the object glued to the surface of the bowl is a tangential force which can replicated on a large scale as an artificial Gravitational force

If an astronaut is placed in an artificial gravity environment,they will feel a force pushing them or away from the direction of spin,this force replicates a gravitational force

 taking the radius of a space station the station as 100 metres the station will have to spin at a rate of 2.96 RPM (rotation per minute) in order to create a tangential force that will simulate earth gravitational force(1G force)

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