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Life in Space is Different from Life on Earth. Checkout Unknown things about Living in Space.

Indeed, life in space is far different from life on Earth. Many things are different, from the way the body changes to staying clean, neat and how they eat in space.

As we know, on Earth, our lower body and legs carry our weights. This helps keep our bones and muscles strong. However, it is different in space. Astronauts floats in space hence, do not use their legs much. Their lower backs and leg muscles begins to loose strength causing the bones to become weak and thin.

Also, the heart and blood change in space. When we stand up on Earth, the heart does the work of pumping and moving blood all around the body thus, working against gravity which is a hard work. However, in space, the blood moves all around the body with the pull of gravity and so it is in water. This makes the astronauts to look puffy. These fluids (blood and water) move from the bottom of the body to the head, making the brain to think that there are many fluids and then it sends a message to the body to make less of these fluids. When the astronauts come back to Earth, they have less of these fluids in their systems and so, it takes their body some days to make more fluids. They have to rest so their body will have time to make new fluid and if they do not rest, they may feel very weak and might even faint.

Just as we need to stay clean on Earth, astronauts need to also stay clean in space too, but staying clean in space is quite different since they do not have a bathroom as we have here on Earth. But, they do have their own toothbrush and toothpaste, brushes, combs and shavers. These are kept in a Personal Hygiene Kit.

These astronauts makes use of the toothpaste and toothbrush just like us on Earth but then, they either have to spit out the waste in a wash cloth or swallow the toothpaste after brushing since they do not have a sink. The mouth is cleaned with a wet wipe after brushing. They have to brush with their mouth as closed as possible to prevent the toothpaste floating out.

In terms of bathing, astronauts bathes in different ways in space. They make use of special kinds of soaps and shampoo. These soaps do not need water to rinse and they are used with care so that the soap bubbles does not float over the place. After bathing, they make use of a towel to dry off without rinsing their bodies. These unique soaps and shampoo were made for patients in the hospital who cannot get into the water.

Staying neat in space is compulsory just as it is here on Earth. In space, the astronauts live in a very small space and so, have to wipe the floors, windows and walls to keep the space shuttle neat. They use a soap that kills germs and also use wet wipes to wash things, including their forks, spoons and eating trays.

Astronauts also have to take out garbage. There are four trash bins on the space shuttle. Three are for dry trash while one is for wet trash. Wet trash is anything that would smell bad. Each trash container has a trash liner placed outside. It is like a plastic garbage bag. If the liner becomes full, it is closed. Then, it is moved far away from the astronauts. The wet trash is closed up tight and then connected to a hose that helps to move bad smells away from astronauts.

Vacuum cleaners are also used in space. The vacuum cleaner has a hose with extra parts that helps to clean areas that may be difficult to reach. They also use it to keep dust out of the air filter. Sometimes, things may get loose and float inside the space shuttle. The vacuum cleaner is used to catch floating substances that are out of their reach.

For foods, astronauts get to choose which meals they would like so long as the nutritional value and calories are kept within the approved requirement: 2800 calories per day. There are several kinds of foods that are eaten in space such as the Rehydrated foods (tea, coffee, orange juice, oats, etc.), Thermo Stabilized foods (canned fruits and fish with deserts packaged in plastic cups), Irradiated foods (beef products sterilized by ionizing radiation), Fresh foods (apples, bananas, etc.) and Natural foods (nuts and cookies).

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