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Aliens Exist Even on Earth Says UK’s First Astronaut

The first British astronaut, Helen Sharman, in an interview with The Observer, affirmed what many claimed -- aliens exist and they probably are living with us mother earth.

Fifty-six years old Helen Sharman, a chemist, is also the first woman to visit the MIR space station in 1991. She insisted that aliens exist and might be living among us but we cannot see them. Although she did not claim to have seen any extraterrestrial being during her time in space like some astronauts had claimed, she believes that the universe is too huge for earth to be the only life-supporting planet.

She said that the forms of life that exist outside our planet might be nothing like we have here on earth and that may be why aliens are invisible to us. 

How she became an astronaut and what space experience taught her

Ms. Sharman believes that self-belief and can-do attitude made her life better. She said she heard the job advert for Britain’s first astronaut on the radio while returning home from work. She thought she would not be selected, but decided to apply. 

In space, she realised that it was people, not material things, that really matter. She said that whenever the space craft flew over a particular part of earth, it was her loved ones she thought of, not her material things

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