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8 Body Features Seen in Only 5% of Humans on Earth


Humans are different and we some of us have rare features only seen in few humans on earth.

Today leisurewithamara will be listing some of these features and be sure to check your body if you have any of these features.

1) Golden Blood

The golden blood feature in humans doesn’t mean actual golden blood, it’s a term used to classify a unique feature in humans. Humans with golden blood have antigens roaming inside their blood streams. Discovered in 1961, the rare condition has only been seen in just 40 people worldwide. This simply means they can donate blood to any blood group in need of blood.

2) Absent Palmar Muscle.

The palmer muscles is said to be a legacy of our ancestors who were expert tree climbers. To examine if you have your palmer muscle present of absent, place your palm on a flat surface then touch your little thumb and finger, and slightly lift them. if a ligament appears on your wrist, then you have the palmer muscles. If they don’t appear, you have nothing to be worried about.



In Ancient Greek myths, the chimera is as a creature with the head and neck of a lion, the tail of a snake and the trunk of a goat. Chimerism in humans is a new set of DNAs. It might go unnoticed in a person some times while it becomes very visible other times. The condition isn’t dangerous but it could bring about family issues.

Double lash line

A double lash line happens when the eyelashes are too close to the eyes. This condition is also rare in humans but it happens. This condition cause irritation to the eyes whenever it is opened, this means a human being will have eye irritation for at least 15 hours a day.

A hole on the Ear

The extra hole found in the ears of some people is known as congenital auricular fistula, usually developed not long after birth, this condition occurs in only 6% of humans around the world.

It has been noted to be a reminiscent of our ancestors who had gills. It is a strong proof that our humans originated form different ancestors over time. It can be present in both ears and can be removed surgically.

Additional ribs

Additional ribs are mostly found in women, these ribs are known as cervical. They are located around the cervical spine area of the body. They also have a smaller size compared to other full ribs. This feature doesn’t affect a person’s health or well-being but when these ribs become bigger, they can cause discomfort to the body.

Little need for sleep

People who don’t require large amount of sleep to function properly are considered lucky humans because their body can restore strength twice as fast as the average human. It happens in humans who have the DEC2 gene, a gene mutation found in people who sleep less. If you notice that your body don’t require much sleep to function then you probably have the DEC2 gene.

Content created and supplied by: LeisurewithAmara (via Opera News )

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