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World's first trial of an artificial eye begins

A team of scientists from the Monash University of Melbourne in Australia have built a device which is capable of restoring vision for the blind.

The device known as Gennaris bionic vision system comes with a wearable headgear, a camera and a transmitter. It also works with a brain implanted micro electrode which will replace a damaged optical nerve and create a pathway for the retina to reach the brain.

“Our design creates a visual pattern from combinations of up to 172 spots of light (phosphenes) which provides information for the individual to navigate indoor and outdoor environments, and recognize the presence of people and objects around them,” explained Arthur Lowery, a professor at Monash University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The device is a big breakthrough for science because not only will it help to restore vision for the blind, it will also help to treat other brain related issues

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Arthur Lowery Australia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Monash University Monash University of Melbourne


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