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7 most wonderful natural phenomena in the world

Nature is mysterious and unpredictable, and often leaves us open-mouthed at the in explainable manifestations of it's power.

From our point of view, mother nature continues to be a fascinating mystery. So let's take a look at seven of the most wonderful natural phenomena in the world.

1. Thor's Well, Oregon, USA: Named after a Norse good, the sink hole is reminiscent of the Greek mythological creature Charybdis, which drowned salors trapped in it's current.

2. Northern lights,Ice land: The Auroria Boreulis, is an optical phenomenon which manifests itself in the atmosphere with bright spots, generally red,green or blue.

The phenomenon is more of intense during periods of high solar activity.

3. Volcanic lightning: It's pretty hard to study, but researchers have a few ideas about what causes it, one of the most common example is that during an eruption, Ash picks up so much friction that the build-up of static electricity causes lightning.

4. Sailing stones/ moving rocks, USA: Death valley in California,is one of the least inhabited place on the planet and also the place where you can spot sailing stones.

There is still no scientific explanation for this geological phenomenon.

5. Lightning storm, Venezuela: The bright bolts are triggered when the electrical activity is particularly abundant during a storm.

6. Cano cristales River, Colombia: Also known as " the river of five color" or "liquid rainbow".

It's body of water actually looks pretty normal most of the time at least, until it explodes into color form around July through November.

7. Moon bow, Zimbabwe: This rare atmosphere phenomenon is not a rainbow, but rather a moon bow, as it is caused by the reflection of moonlight instead of sunlight.

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