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5 Possible Reasons why Most Smart People are Quiet in Nature

According to a popular adage, An Empty Can makes the loudest noise. This indirectly connotes that smart people are more of introverts when it comes to speaking. It doesn't necessarily mean that all quiet people are smart and vice versa. However According to Science there is correlation between Speech and Intelligence. Below are some possible reasons why many smart people prefer to keep quiet most of the time.

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1.They Prefer to Think

The greatest weapon of smart people is their mind. They have a unique way of thinking which differentiates them from the rest of the pack. Smart people prefer to dwell in abstract concepts and ideas instead of wasting their precious time on unproductive talks. Most of these ideas may be too difficult to communicate with others so they prefer to keep it to themselves.

2.Different Subjects of Interest

Topics that appeal to a smart individual may be too intricate or boring for the Simpleminded. They are usually fascinated by Mathematical concepts, Science Jargons, Inventions and other complex ideas instead of everyday topics. When two individuals have contrasting subjects of interests then there will be nothing for them to talk together about.


Even though Intelligence and Smartness are qualities that deserve to be desired by everyone, However some people actually look down on individuals with the gift. They see them as Nerds, Jerks, Arrogant, Freaks etc. All these misconception makes some smart people to develop a feeling of insecurity. This in turn makes them to avoid social gathering were they may be seen as awkward. If you continue to avoid social gatherings for a long time then your interactive skills may reduce too.


A Smart man believes that it is best to keep his mouth shut when he has nothing meaningful or important to share. They prefer to listen and learn from others even if the speaker is not making any sense. With time they will also contribute to the discussion after gathering all the facts they need.

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