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NASA and the European Space Agency announce's it's first ever closest picture of the Sun

Over the years, astronauts have tried so hard to study the sun closely, without any significant success. Yesterday a big breakthrough was announced in respect to this. The first ever closest pictures of the sun was taken. The images were taken at a distance of 47,845,581 miles away from the sun. They were able to capture the many faces of the Sun in different wavelength of light.

Till date, no image have been taken of the Sun close to this one announced yesterday. This could be a major breakthrough for the world. The study of the Sun has not been easy as the heat from the sun is so excessive.

This mission was a collaborative effort from the NASA and European Space Agency. The images revealed the campfires or mini-explosions known as nanoflares that is responsible for heating the outer atmosphere of the Sun to a temperature that is 300 times hotter than the solar surface.

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