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The Boot Which Can Make Humans Run Faster And Jump Higher

Technology has helped humans to achieve many incredible things and feats in various areas of society, be it in medicine, automobiles, lifestyle and fitness.

Now we have a boot that can make us run faster than we can and this amazing invention is known as the bionic boot. The bionic boot is a type of footwear that mimics the jumping and running mechanism of a kangaroo and an Ostrich respectively.

This boot was developed by Seymour and his tech company, after many years and several prototypes he finally made the bionic boot. This boot has a spring at the back, when force is being applied to it, it then emulates the Achilles tendon of an ostrich and a kangaroo.

This allows anyone who wears it to be able to run a distance of 25 m/hr, the boot make use of a spring mechanism similar to a speargun, when you apply your weight on it, it then stores the energy and launches you for a longer distance, which is quite similar to a gun's recoil system. 

Even though this boot is capable of making humans run at a speed of 25m/hr Seymour stated that he would not rest until he can modify this boot and make it possible for humans to be able to outrun some of the fastest animals on earth.

Photo credit: Google.

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