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Limits of human survival

Humans are a hard bunch, able to survive searing heat, freezing cold, and days without food or water. But everyone has their limits, and there are some extremes through which we simply can't live to tell the tale.


We're actually really good at surviving hot climates. It depends on the humidity of the air, what we're wearing, and how long we are exposed to direct sunlight. Most people will suffer from hypothermia in 10 minutes in 60C heat. The hottest temperature ever recorded on earth is 55C in death Valley, Nevada, USA.


Extreme cold can bring hypothermia and dizziness. Eventually your body organs fail as your body go into hyper-cooled meltdown. A person usually dies when their body temperature drops to 21C. Our bodies' temperature average around 37C. At around -40C most people will die in 10 minutes of exposure.

Lack of sleep

An extreme lack of sleep quickly sends you only ill-health and causes severe hallucinations. A human can survive a few without sleep, maximum of about 14. A 17-year-old named Ray Gardener came closest, going 11 days without sleeping as part of a science fair project that was recorded by Stanford scientists.

Hold breath

We need to breathe to take in oxygen, and don't last long without it . The average human can last about a minute without oxygen before they permanently damage their brain. You would enter a deep coma, and likely die on the three-minute mark.

Strangely, you can hold you breath twice as long underwater, because swimming slows down our heart rate and metabolism.


Acceleration from side to side know as lateral acceleration, can rip apart our organs at 14Gs- 14 times the speed of gravity. According to scientists, we can reach 50Gs before our body is torn apart by the force.

How much can we remember

Chao Lu accurately recited 67,890 digits of pi from memory. But even that only hints at the brains true capacity.

Without food

Humans can survive a average of 21 days without food before eventually dieing of starvation. Most people may not exceed 14 days.

Without water

Water Intake is more important than food . You can only last a week without drinking water. You start feeling thirsty after losing only 1% , and suffer from dehydration after losing 5%, and eventually die before losing up to 10% of the water in your body.

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