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All about the element Hydrogen you need to Know as a young chemist

Periodic table is a list of simple chemical substances (element) arranged according to their atomic number.

It been a while since we have been in o school,let's refresh a little bit.

The first element is Hydrogen, a chemical element with symbol H atomic number 1 and atomic weight 1.00794. it is the lightest element on the periodic table, it's monoatomic most abundant substance in the universe with 75% of all baryonic mass.

Here are some characters of hydrogen that will help keep ur mind fresh about it.

1. Latin name is; Hydrogenium.

2. Year discovered; 1766.

3. Discovered by; Henry Cavendish.

4. Electron shell; K1.

5. Electron;1 proton;1 neutron;0.

6. Atomic weight; 1.00784(g/mol).

7. Density; 0.0000899(g/cm³).

8. Phase; Gas.

9. Valence electrons;1.

10. Period; 1.

11. Group; 1A.

12. Block; s-block.

13. Electronic configuration; 1s¹.

14. Oxidation states; -1 +1.

15. Ion exchange; H+ H-.

16. Electronegativity; 2.2.

17. Electron affinity; 72.8kj/mol.

18. Magnetism; Dimaganetism.

19. Crystal structure; Hexagonal.

20. It has a grid parameters; a=3.780Å c=6.167Å.

21. Hydrogen has the temperature; -163.15°c=-261.67°F=110.0K.

22. Constituent of hydrogen in universe; 75%.

23. Constituent in sun; 75%.

24. Constituent in ocean; 11%.

25. Constituent in human; 10%.

26. Constituent in Earth crust; 0.15%.

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