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See what happens when you rub your eyes and see colourful light.

Setting down to sleep during bedtime we close our eyes and relax only to notice colourful light radiating in eyes. 

For those that love to rub their eyes when closed do you see flashes of colours; bright colours in a dark background?,its normal, even at childhood some us loved to rub our eyes to enjoy those beautiful flashes of colourful light,it was fun,but as grownups when it happens we question why this happens,and as curious as we are to know about what this colourful light is?,where it comes from even with our eyes closed ?,what causes them to radiate? I went fact finding on this curiosity cruise,and here's the lot to be known of this mystery colourful light radiating with our eyes closed.

Those colourful light fashes we see are called Phosphenes. Derived from the greek words phos(light) and phianien(to show). Phosphenes is the phenomenon of seeing light without light entering our eyes. This light comes from the cells inside our eyes just like the way fireflies produce light themselves;cells within our eyes emit biophotons;biologically produced light particles and we end up seeing them we see light from external sources.

Biophotons occur as part of normal cellular functions in the eye as atoms of the retina cells of the eye continually emit and absorb small particles of light(photons) which end up getting transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve. It is the brain that decides if this light is from an external source forming an image or just unpatterned light produced by our eye cells- Phosphenes; this is to say our eyes cannot differentiate both that is why we still them as light.

What really evokes these phosphenes?

We see phosphenes when the retina cells are stimulated to emit and absorb biophotons. Stimulation can be mechanical, electrical or magnetic.

   Mechanical stimulation involves putting pressure on the eye, usually by rubbing our eyes when closed. The pressure induced stimulates retinal cells and we experience a dark visual field coming from the lack of light coming into the eyes as it is closed followed by diffuse colored patches that move in opposite direction to the part where the pressure is applied,formation of definite colourful shapes such as circles  accompanied by a scintillating ever changing unpatterned forms of light appearing. These effects can continue moments even after rubbing is stopped. You can simply demonstrate this by gently rubbing on side of your eye and observe colored rings of light on the opposite side.

Mechanical induced Phosphenes.

The other forms of stimulation electrical and magnetic are only artificial and are carried out for research purposes; they are usually achieved by stimulating the visual cortex; an area in charge of vision and sight with electodes;charged electrical rods to produce phosphenes or by a much more non invasive approach which uses a magnetic gear or appartus worn around the head or over the eyes to magnetically induce Phosphenes since light exists as a particle.

Another cause that seems quite natural and doesn't require you rubbing your eye or inducing it with some electrical instrument is the momentary gradual change in intensity that happens when you close your eyes; the eyes via its retinal cells adjust to the drop in the amount of light by emiting biophotons; then we see Phosphenes,which are gradually absorbed after the dark field caused by lack of external light settles and stabilizes as the eye completely adjusts to the absence of external light.

Patterns of electrically stimulated Phosphenes.

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