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Do You Know Astronauts Can't Walk On The Earth Immediately After Returning From Space?

It has been discovered that astronauts find it difficult to walk on earth after staying in space for hundreds of days.

Many astronauts are usually supported on stretchers after landing on earth because they can't walk on their two legs immediately after returning from space.

This happens because the zero percentage of gravity in space affects our senses of positioning. When you are in space, you can't differentiate between up and down positions.

There is also a sensory organ inside our ears that regulates balance. This sensory organ is disabled in space.

They went through a lot of physical changes during their time in space, which affected how their bodies would respond to gravity on Earth.

Their blood pressure, ability to see an image and body balance have been impaired. That is why they find it difficult to walk for some days after landing on earth.

It usually takes some weeks or months before they can fully recover back to gravity on earth. Many astronauts are given medical treatment immediately after they land on earth.

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