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What Forms First Between The Chiken And The Shell? See correct answers.

Do you ever asked yourself that what forms first between the chicken and the shell? If the question remained unanswered for a very long time, scientists at the universities of Sheffield and Warwick believe they have found the answer.

The Chiken Forms First

According to researchers from these universities, it is most likely the hen who arrived first. They discovered that the formation of the eggshell is highly dependent on a protein found only inside the ovaries of the hen. Thus, the reasoning is quite simple: without a hen, no ovaries; without ovaries, no protein; without this protein, no shell and without shell, no egg. In other words, an egg can only emerge inside a hen.

The protein that makes the shell is called ovocledidin-17, or OC-17. It acts as a catalyst accelerating the development of the shell and is essential for sheltering the future chick. It also allows it to develop. Using the Edinburgh-based HECToR supercomputer, the researchers found that this protein was crucial in the early stages of shell crystallization.

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