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Check Out The Town Where People Built Their House Under A Rock

It is as a result of the advent of advanced technologies, that humans have been able to discover and venture into places we haven't been before, now we have started living where we don't use to before.

It is no surprise when we hear of a town that is built literally under a rock. A town in Spain known as Setenil de las Bodegas is well known for one thing and that is; the entire town of close to 3,000 people are living in houses built into a rock.

This town is located along a narrow river gorge, and the people of the town took the advantage of the erosion of the rock wall which was as a result of the river close to it and other external factors.

How the houses were built?

People were able to build their houses by first enlarging the natural caves found in the rocks and then they added walls to some side. As a result of the cave, there was no need to have a complete four walls and the rock served as a roof.

The nature of this cave made the rocks serve as both a roof and a wall, however, the rock was not only used to serve that purpose because they also help to control the temperature of the house, thus making it always cool even in a hot temperature.

In this town, not only houses were built this way, there are restaurants and cafes which were also built like that, so when you stroll around the town you enjoy a very comfortable shade of giant rocks.

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Setenil de las Bodegas Spain


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