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Check Out Photos Of The Five Largest Fishes In The World

When someone asks you to mention some of the largest animals in the world, your mind may wander around animals like elephants, rhinos, buffalos and hippopotamuses. Yes, of course, these are very large animals, much larger than most other animals. But while you let your mind fly, did it occur to you that some fishes too are among the largest animals in the world? Maybe not.

It may be difficult for one to remember that there are fishes that are actually very large in size, because the mention of 'fish' reminds them of the ice fish and sardines that they eat for breakfast and lunch, so they won't bother thinking in that direction. But in truth, there are very large fishes which exist on earth.

So below are pictures of the five largest fishes in the world. Are you familiar with any of them?

1) Whale shark

2) Basking shark

3) Great white shark

4) Tiger shark

5) Giant oceanic manta ray

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