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Why nuclear pasta is called the super macaroni of the universe.

The substance was termed nuclear pasta because they resembled the Italian pasta. Some even called it the super macaroni of the universe. Ravenhall, pethick, and Wilson were the first ones to study the basic properties of these exotic structures.

According to the models, the density of nuclear pasta makes it 10 billion times stronger than steel. That's far and away the most durable material in the known universe.

Nuclear pasta is thought to exist only inside neutron stars which form when massive stars (at least eight times the mass of Earth's sun) collapse under their own gravity. As a result, neutron stars pack an entire sun's worth of mass(or more) into a compact core about 12 miles (20 kilometers) across.

Because of the immerse gravity, the outer layers of neutron stars freeze solid to form a crust that surrounds a liquid core. Below the crust, protons and neutrons compete and end up forming long cylindrical shapes or flat planes.

The simulations also suggest that the instability of nuclear pasta could result in gravitational waves, which have only been confirmed in cataclysmic events like the collision of two black holes.

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