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Bizarre fish pictured with eerily human-like teeth caught by angler in Malaysia

An Angler, caught a fish which happens to possess a full human sets of teeth.

This mystery Fish was caught in Malaysia, and it has been the talk of the day as the story floods the internet.

Judging by the picture, you will notice that the chompers looks very much alike just like that of a human.

The picture of this mysterious Fish was shared over and over again on twitter as it made people to start doubting if it was actually real.

But with the help if science and technology, some scientists who went into research concerning the origin and existence of the Fish, came out with an answer to clarify our thoughts.

According to them, they called it a Trigger Fish.

According to the scientists, they said that the Fish, is common in the waters of Malaysia.

And concluded that the Trigger Fish comes with about 40 species, with most of the species, brightly coloured, as the lives in subtropical and tropical waters.

Due to the speed this picture went viral, some twitter users decided to add some things to the picture to make it look funny as we can see at the picture above.

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