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Photos of Artificial Sun made by China that can reach 150 million Degree Celsius per Time

China is one of the greatest countries in terms of Science and Technology. They are the first country to successfully complete the first test of its nuclear fission reactor, known as “Artificial sun”. This nuclear reactor fashion reactor undergoes and exhibits an energy-generation process the same as that of the Sun.

In other, for the Sun to produce energy, it undergoes a nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is regarded as a great innovation because it helps to create energies with less waste material. According to the documentary about the sun, 600 million tons of hydrogen are fused to create helium. During the chemical processes, the mass of the hydrogen atom becomes clean energy.

How China has decided to create something similar to the sun. China’s “artificial sun” is called HL-2M, a tokamak fusion reactor located at the Southwestern Institute of Physics (SWIP) in Chengdu, China. The artificial Sun has so far undergone an atomic combination reactor that accomplished 150 million degrees Celsius in its center plasma during the test.

Below are photos of the Artificial Sun.

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China Science and Technology Southwestern Institute Sun


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