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Meet Jia-Jia: Chinese Made Human Like Robot That Can Chat With People

Technology has improve all aspect of live and in the nearest future we wouldn't be surprise if we start seeing flying cars and over technological marvel.

Technology is a very broad aspect and Artificial intelligence is one major aspect of technological advancement. Artificial intelligence (Al) is now becoming responsible for everything we do and they form the basic of computer learning and complex decision making from medical breakthroughs in cancer research to cutting-edge climate change research etc.

We shouldn't be surprise that in the nearest future robots will be used in all aspect of human position, we are already witnessing the above statement as robots are now been used in airports, restaurants and other public places in developed nations.

Without more words, On this article I will be showing you Jia-Jia a Chinese made hyper -realistic human like robot.

The Chinese are no doubt the masters of Artificial Intelligence creator, Sometime ago the Chinese robotics researchers unveiled a super realistic human like robot at the University of University of Science and Technology in Hefei and observer were amazed at the level of the technology advancement used.

Jia Jia was developed by robotic research engineers at the University Of Technology in China and after three years of working together, Jia Jia became a reality.

Dressed in traditional Chinese clothing with loose black hair and traditional Chinese clothing, Jia Jia is very realistic and can have simple conversations and make certain facial expressions when asked to do so.

We human are amazing and their are no limit to what we can develop/make, no wonder in biology we are called the Higher Animal because of our complex brain.

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