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See What Will Happen If An Asteroid Hit The Earth (Photos)

Yesterday, I reported that an asteroid identified as SW 2020 would be skimming past our earth at a very much closer distance than the moon.

The asteroid according to US Space and Air Agency, NASA would not impact our Earth but will fly closer to it nearer than the moon. 

Asteroids like I explained earlier are minor planets that move around our universe. They are believed to have been formed from the rubbles left after our universe was formed several millions of years. There are millions of them found in the asteroid region. 

Thankfully, the SW 2020 will not impact our universe but what will happen if any asteroid in the future hits our earth?

First, it will depend on the size, composition and speed of the asteroid. Some asteroids are made of sand and thus are broken easily in the earth's atmosphere while some dangerous asteroids composed of iron and other heavy elements can pose threats to life.

For example in 1908, the Tunguska forest in present day Russia, suffered a devastation caused by an asteroid that impacted it.

The following are the things that would happen if a very large asteroid should hit out earth.

1. All of the earth's surface would be set on fire. The impact would bore into the earth's core causing massive explosions and inferno.

2. There would be tremendous earthquakes and tsunamis followed by massive volcanism around the impact zone.

3. The oceans would turn acidic.

4. The ozone layer would be destroyed

5. The sun would be blotted out from our Earth for decades.

6. Buildings and structures would be flattened.

7. Finally, human lives, organisms and property would be destroyed.

Well, you don't need to be afraid because the likelihood of an asteroid impact in the near future is very very small. These are the reasons why scientists especially those at NASA dedicate ample time to the study of asteroids so that they could possible deflect them from crashing into our atmosphere.

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