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Throwback: How A Lady Turned Her Friend's Ashes Into A Diamond

Year's ago, Adelle Archer, unfortunately, lost her close friend to cancer. But she didn't want to have a traditional goodbye, so she did some research and found that there's another option; you can turn somebody's ashes into a diamond.

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In human ashes, there's a lot of carbon(which is the major component of the diamond). According to her research, natural diamonds are formed under a lot of heat and pressure under the earth after millions of years. But that process can be replicated in a lab. So, she started a company with some friends and hired some scientists and build a whole laboratory just to make a diamond to honour her friend and help others to do the same.

Here's how it works:

Image source: Awesome Invention

First, they receive the ashes and separate anything that is not carbon from it. Then they mill it, mix it with a diamond seed and put it in a giant growth cell. Finally, it goes into a special machine where day and night it goes through maximum pressure and maximum heat just like what happens under the earth. And once the growth is complete, they can finally open the cell to extract a real raw diamond. This process of turning a loved one's cremation ashes into diamonds takes between 6-9 months depending on the colour and size of cremation ordered.

Image source: Everlasting Memorial

The diamond can be turned into any shape or form from blue, to pink, to yellow, to ring, and even a necklace.

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Some people might find this strange but for Adele, these diamonds are about much more than jewellery, they are about finding a new way to deal with grief. Every culture has unique ways to remember their loved ones. And if you can have alters, tombstones or statues to celebrate the dead then why not make a diamond that can last forever.

Image source: Bloggy Moms Magazine

What is cremation or memorial diamond? It's a diamond created from hair or cremated remains (which are commonly ashes, comprising pulverized bone fragments).

Are you wondering if there's a difference between cremation diamond and real diamond? Yes, the difference is their origin. Natural diamonds are pure carbon and minerals that form underground over billions of years while cremation diamonds are created from cremated ashes.

Why would anyone turn their loved one's ashes into diamonds? Sons, daughters, husbands, and wives can wear memorial diamonds as a way of keeping their loved ones close to them, especially for memorial remembrance, to avoid the cost of burial, and for convenience and mobility.

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