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Why you should not use cotton buds to clean your ear.

The ear is an organ for hearing and balance. It is made up of three parts: the outer, middle and inner ear.

The outer ear consists of the pinna or auricle, auditory canal and tympanic membrane otherwise known as ear drum.

The middle ear is made up of the three ossicles or bones of the ear (malleus, incus and stapes) and the oval window which opens into the inner ear.

The inner ear is consist of the semi circular canals, the cochlear and the auditory nerve.

Sound is perceived when the pinna collects sounds from the environment and then directs it to the ear drum through the auditory canal. The sound waves then strikes the ear drum which further strikes the malleus setting the bones into vibration. The vibration of the ossicles hits the oval window which then rocks in and out and converts the mechanical energy into sound energy. The sound energy is then sent to the brain for interpretation through the auditory nerve.

Ear wax is been produced naturally by the ear canal and is also programmed by God to cleanse the ear and fall out on its own.

Increased activities within the canal like excessive chewing, use of earpiece and using foreign objects to clean the ear canal increases the production of ear was.

People have this common habit of using cotton buds to clean the ear which is very harmful to the ear and can lead to deafness.

The following can result from the use of cotton buds on the ear;

1. Wax imparction; this is an unusual accumulation of ear wax within the canal and can lead to partial deafness.

2. Damage to the ear drum.

3. Foreign body in the ear: this occurs as a result of detachment of the cotton from it's stick inside the ear canal.

4. Injury to the canal.

5. Ear infections following the use of unsterile cotton buds.

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