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Check Out 6 Amazing Robotic Animals Ever Built (Photos)

1. Bionic Flying Fox

Robot flying fox is also known as fruit bats. They have an elastic membrane that stretches from their fingers to their toes; they also have thumbs. This makes them incredibly aerodynamic and agile while flying.

The Bionic Flying Fox uses infrared cameras and machine learning for motion tracking and to make decisions. It has a wingspan of more than 7ft and weighs a little more than 1 pound.

2. Robird 

Robirds is also known as robotic birds. They are robotic drones with wing flapping propulsion. They fly by beating their wings and have speed and wing frequencies similar to a real bird. 

The Robird closely resemble natural birds, both in appearance and in-flight behaviour and is mainly used at airports, ports, landfills and in the agricultural sector to sustainably reduce bird pressure.

3. BionicWheelBot

The BionicWheelBot is based on the Moroccan flic-flac spider, which can walk like other spiders. It can also propel itself into the air, with a combined sequence of somersaulting and rolling on the ground. 

The BionicWheelBot possess eight legs that enable it to walk and roll. They are controlled by 15 small motors fitted in the knee joints and body. 

4. Eelume

The Eelume is an autonomous underwater vehicle that is designed to inspect, maintain and repair subsea infrastructure, primarily for offshore drilling installations.

Military applications may be installed in the eelume which are used for mine countermeasures and undersea surveillance.

5. Pleurobot

Pleurobot is made up of 3D-printed bones, motorized joints and electronic circuitry that serves as its synthetic central nervous system. The pleurobot can mimic a salamander on water and land. 

6. Crabster CR 200

The Crabster CR200 is mainly designed to study zones of scientific interest and shipwrecks. The Crabster CR200 is built like a tank and it is capable of diving under 200 meters of turbulent coastal waters.

The Crabster CR200 has 6 Crab like legs that allows the robot to navigate the seafloor easily within the strong currents. The two front legs act as arms to cut and pick things up from the seafloor or shipwrecks. 

Image Credit: Google 

Content created and supplied by: Tobayos (via Opera News )

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