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Here Is Why The Bottom Of A Ship Is Filled With Water.

Ships are one of the most incredible feats of engineering, and what's more incredible is when you realize how big they are. Some can be as large as two football fields and heavier than anything you can imagine.

Some of the largest ships come in form of an oil tanker, container/cargo carrier, or cruise liner. These beasts of machines require enormous propulsion systems, some run on diesel, nuclear reactors, wind, and even solar.

You might have seen in some movies or maybe in real life, a large tank filled with water is always kept at the bottom of a ship. Have you ever wondered why? Well in this article I will be discussing why a ship is always filled with water at its base.

Water is always filled in a tank called Ballast Tank.

A ballast tank is a compartment within a ship that holds water used as a ballast, A ballast is any material used to provide stability for a moving object be it a car, ship, or boat. In the case of a ship, water is used as ballast.

Why Is A Ballast Tank Filled With Water Necessary In A Ship?.

1. To Provide Stability: The water in the tank is used to provide stability for the ship in case it comes in contact with sea waves which can move the ship randomly, without the water in the ballast tank, the ship might sink in this process.

2. Allow Movement Through Shallow Water: The ballast tank is an important factor that determines the easy passage of a ship through shallow water.

When approaching shallow water, crew members can adjust the weight of the ship by temporarily pumping out water from the ballast tank whereby lifting the ship's draft which allows for easy movement through shallow water.

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