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2 Undeniable Truths Why the Time-travel Theory Is Not Feasible

The issue of Time-travel has been one of the most interesting theories of science and philosophy, where it is proposed that people, object or any material body can be sent either forward into the future ahead of time or backwards into the past, behind time.

This has been played out in some fictional novels, like the Time Machine, around 1895, by H.G Well. It is believed that when people are able to travel either behind or ahead of time, they could as well change the past or future in order to affect the present.

But the following truths, or basic facts that even science cannot deny, can prove and explain why the Time-travel Theory is not feasible or practicable.

The first fact is that, matter as a natural elements is non-renewable when it has been used up. It is like a radioactive substance that counts lifecycles. Human body, for example, changes with time, and cannot be reversed, known as aging. A cell that has completed its lifecycle is thrown off as wastes, though. But the whole human body reaches a particular time when it no longer renews itself. It is the law of every natural thing. So under the influence of Time-travel, this is not possible.

The second fact is that going to the past of future does not erase the previous knowledge of the individual. If someone, for example, goes back behind time, it only adds to their present knowledge, so that the so-called past eventually becomes a new knowledge or a future. As far as time is concerned in physics, it can never be counted without events. And when another event is added to the present, wherever and however it is gotten, it becomes a new knowledge, and consequently an advancement in quality and quantity of time and space.

With these two points, one can come to the conclusion that Time-travel can only thrive as a fictional theory and not as a reality, except in an extraordinary means and situations, which does not deal with a machine but with the divinity.

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