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8 Amazing Facts You Don't Know About The Sahara Desert


I Bet You Didn't Know this!

The scientific journal Science Advances recently published a study on the world's third largest desert, which claimed that nearly 8,000 years ago the Sahara Desert was occupied by humans.But today it is the hottest place making it the most hostile place on the planet.

Check out these fasinating facts.


It is said that about 5,000 to 11,000 years ago the tribes of hunters and gatherers made Sahara desert their home, and they lived off on plants and animals.

Green Phase

The Sahar Desert receives only one to four inches of rainfall per year as per Jessica Tierney from the University of Arizona. The Sahara desert is 10 times drier now than its “green” period.

Green Land

As per the examinations made by the specialists at the University of Arizona, the Sahara experienced a “green period” where the desert area got more than 10 times the measure of rain it does today.


The archaeologists claim although people possessed a large portion of Sahara amid the wet time frame. But around 8,000 years ago they gradually started to move out.

Migration Period

It could be stated that desert started drying due to the decrease in rainfall, which happens to be one of the sole reason why people moved from the Sahara region.

Retracing Steps

Strangely enough, the people inevitably returned to the Sahara Desert after the dry time frame started. Although, the way of life was unique this time around. Rather than hunters and gatherers, cows agriculturists assumed control over the abandoned desert.

Climatic Conditions

The group at Arizona could decide the atmosphere states of a given period, utilizing old leaf wax from the marine silt.

Source of Dust

The Sahara Desert, is presently the planet’s largest source of dust. This is because of the absence of vegetation and precipitation.

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