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8 struggles faced by intelligent people

Most people think that high intelligent people have no worries or struggles but that not true. I will be listing some of the struggles faced by most of them.

1.     They get bored with small talk. Great minds discuss ideas, average people discuss events and small minds discuss people. Intelligent people don’t like to talk about people and are less interested in events but they like to discuss ideas like astronomy, business plans and so.

2.      They are careful with their words. Smart people tend to think more than they speak. If they share an idea with someone they must have considered from every possible angle which gives them the impression of being reserved.

3.     They are socially awkward. They are not good at connecting with people and they tend to have very few friends. . Before they can make someone their friend, smart people take their time to study those around them and sometimes they don’t make the best of friends.

4.     They struggle to make good friends. Some people see intelligent people as people too smart for them and as a result of these tend not to befriend them. This result in intelligent people being one of the loneliest people on earth.

5.     They don’t get out much. Smart people find it hard or stressful to leave the comfort of their home to go out for parties and other events. Rather they prefer to spend their time isolating and studying.

6.     They are overly analytical.  It possible for a smart person to become mentally paralyzed by analysis. These happens as a result in trying to make best decision out of many other alternatives. They also tend to consider all negative and positive aspects of any ideas they have and also that they receive which results in them taking decisions slowly.

7.     Their mind constantly craves exercise. They always want to improve their mind with new puzzles or ideas to keep their mind constantly active and busy.

8.     They feel pressured to succeed. They feel like they can’t let their, family down. They try their best to meet everyone’s expectation. They keep pushing themselves to prove their intelligence.

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