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Scientists Claimed "There is no mystery about strange disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle"

Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic in the US. Bermuda triangle is known as the Devil's Triangle, which is one of the most mysterious places on this planet. Bermuda Triangle covers about 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida

Bermuda mystery triangle where an airplane has reported to have mysteriously disappeared in the region because is part of a busy shipping route in the world with a number of vessels heading to America, Europe, and the Caribbean crossing through every day.

Those that deep in the belief of the old things said: "old things that are happening" while scientists dispute it and said, "there is no mystery about strange disappearance in Bermuda Triangle".

What do you think about the existence of the mystery of Bermuda?

Scientists dispute the existence of the mystery triangle while those that believe in the old thing said " old things are happening" which of it is to believe in this condition of enlargement?

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