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Some Common Interesting Facts You Never Knew

1.   Sound travel through air but cannot travel in a Vaccuum.

2.   Our eyes can at maximum distinguish between 256 colours correctly.

3.   You weigh six times less on mars than on earth.

4.   The Earth is actually similar to an ellipsoid not a spheroid or a flat surface.

5.   Diamond is so hard that only diamonds can be used to cut diamonds.

6.   The densiest metal in the world is osmium. You cannot carry a ball size of osmium.

7.   Pure gold does not react with water and air so it does not rust. If your Jewelleries made up of gold rusts. Then it is made of fake gold.

8.   Mercury and Venus’ days are longer than their years.

9.   Diamonds rains in some planets.

10. When you go really down, the water pressure can crush you.

11. There are 206 bones in your body.

12. When travel really fast, time reads slow for you. 100 years on earth could 3 years for you.

13. You cannot travel faster than the speed of light which is 300,000Km.

14. Contrary to what you believe, light and heavier objects fall at the same rate.

15. The brain can power up an electric bulb.

16. A bolt of lightning contains millions of volts of energy.

17. The force of gravity of the earth causes rise and fall of tides.

18. The Atomic time is the most precise time used on earth.

19. Our Solar system is situated in a galaxy called the milky way.

20. The Earth is also a magnet with north magnetic pole and south magnetic pole.

21. Some extinct heavy birds were actually heavier than elephants.

22. Oil and water do not mix.

23. In space, you experience weightlessness and float because there is no force of gravity acting in space.

24. You can eat an entire bag of chips without knowing it.

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