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How To Know Spider Bites and best ways to treat at home

To correctly identify and treat bites, stings, and rashes is very important. Sometimes we can do this at home when you know what to do.

Do spiders really bite? Like seriously? When I first heard of spider bite I thought it was a joke but they really do bite. Though spiders are sometimes blamed for large or unusual skin lumps, sores, or lesions, scientists say that spiders bite far less often than most people assume.

.Some people may wake up in the morning, find a red mark, and immediately say it is a spider bite. But most of the skin problems that people pin on spiders are actually other types of bites from bugs or other skin problems.

What do spider bites look like? Well, it depends on the type of spider;

Brown Spiders 

These bites from brown spiders sting, and they can resemble anything from small blisters quite similar to mosquito bite to large flesh sores. 

It causes a wide variety of skin symptoms, as well as chills, fever, nausea, and other flu-like symptoms.

The venom in its bite is poisonous and, in rare cases, can cause kidney failure, coma, or even death

Photo Credit: Insider

Black Widow Spiders 

These bites can result in skin lesions, ranging from small red marks to rough, streaky red patches of inflamed or oozing skin.

Its bites contain potentially deadly quantities of venom and tend to be painful immediately. While you start feeling the pain around the bite site, about an hour it often spreads to the chest or abdomen, depending on whether the bite occurred on the victim’s upper or lower part of the body. 

Other common symptoms can include; headaches, muscle weakness, and trouble breathing to seizures, numbness, and painful muscle cramps.

House Spiders, Wolf Spiders

Their bites and those of other spiders found in and around the house do not contain venom. They can bite and you may feel a sharp pain, accompanied by a swollen red lump at the bite surface.

How to treat

For spider bites without venom, start treating by washing the injury with soap and water, then apply ice, and take over-the-counter pain or anti-itch medications, these are the best ways to handle it. 

Unfortunately, if you experience any of the systemic symptoms such as headaches, muscle weakness, flu-like symptoms, urgently seek medical help.

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )


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